Which CCTV System to Purchase?

When considering buying a CCTV system, you should take its recording capabilities, video quality, and required components into consideration, and choose between Network Video Recorders (NVR) and Digital Video Recorders (DVR). Let’s talk about the pros of NVR first. NVR is compatible with advanced and high-definition IP Cameras. Users can then easily analyze videos for suspicious activities. NVR also gives excellent image and video quality. Since NVR relies on wireless signals, you may face signal losses and worse still, cybersecurity breaches at times. Moving on to DVR, DVR is ideal for small businesses because its cost is smaller than that of NVR. The set up and operation of DVR are also easier. However, DVR enables video transmission only and the image resolution is lower than that of NVR.

If you do decide to purchase NVR, you may want to know more about its partner – a IP Camera, or better yet, a Thermal IP Camera. Let me tell you some functions a good thermal IP camera can perform. First, a good thermal IP camera is capable of capturing video in bright sunlight, complete darkness, and through light fog, dust, and smoke. Second, a good thermal IP camera can feature professional onboard analytics for classifying human or vehicular intrusions. Guardsec has some excellent options, you should check them out!