What qualities should an excellent printer possess?

Do you find printers in your company extremely noisy? Nowadays, a printer is often advertised as having the noise reduction function. Among them, optimizing the paper feeding and fan design are the most common. In fact, as technology evolves with each passing day, the design of a printer is becoming more and more user-friendly. In addition to the noise reduction function mentioned, it should also have a series of useful functions. First, a printer should support remote work. The paperless fax function automatically saves the received faxes in a folder, and then sends them to the mobile device by e-mail, so that you can receive every fax even when you work remotely. Second, it should support different binding functions, as well as a variety of paper sizes and thicknesses, to allow equally exquisite prints on envelopes and embossed paper. Third, it ought to operate continuously for a long time. For example, when you change toner or add paper, you don’t need to stop the printing job in progress. Fourth, with advanced high-resolution LED printing technology, unprecedented image quality can be achieved.

If there is a sudden operation problem with the printer or computer, and the company’s IT department is busy with other tasks, what will you do? Nowadays, many companies and enterprises will purchase solutions related to IT support. In addition to enjoying convenient remote IT support services, where professional engineers remotely access and control end users’ devices, as well as on-site IT support services, where experienced technicians quickly solve sudden computer and network system problems, monthly appointments are also available to provide inspection and IT support services.