WSET Level 2 – Deciding Point for Wine Enthusiasts

CorVino is a well-known wine school in Hong Kong with an outstanding reputation among wine enthusiasts and professionals. With a set of excellent courses that include WSET level 1, WSET level 2 and WSET level 3, as well as sake courses of different levels, CorVino managed to station itself as one of the leading wine schools in Hong Kong.

Learning at CorVino is easy and enjoyable. Educators make sure to engage attendees of the courses with a modern approach to studying and a balanced inclusion of theoretical and practical lessons. The key to CorVino’s success is the passion of the founders and educators for wine. They manage to transmit their admiration for this beverage through all levels, including WSET level 2 and higher levels, which makes learning interesting and captivating.

The first level of the WSET course consists of basic lessons that every wine enthusiast should know. The educators teach the attendees how to explore wines through smell, taste and sight. They learn essential skills that are mandatory for their further development in the field. The WSET level 2 is an extended, more detailed version of the first level. Attendees work on strengthening the skills they learned previously and expand their knowledge. They become more confident as they learn and upgrade their skills. This level is usually the deciding point for wine enthusiasts. It typically helps them decide whether they would like to keep their techniques at the level of an advanced wine admirer or they would like to pursue careers in the field. In case they decide to continue, they can proceed to the third level which opens the door to the wine industry full of possibilities.