Mental Health Service HK Helps Teenagers Cope with Stress

Easy access to Mental Health Service HK should be provided to every young person in the region, considering the challenges youth face in critical phases of their lives. Responsible educational institutions started introducing programs that educate youth on mental health and substance abuse. Those topics have been neglected in the past, which led to horrific consequences. Without adequate assistance, young people are at risk of making harmful decisions and managing stress in dangerous ways. 

KELY Support Group provides an excellent Mental Health Support Service HK. This non-profit organization takes preventative measures to help young people cope with stress, understand emotions, manage different situations in their lives and make smart decisions. With several comprehensive programs, KELY engages students and helps them understand lessons properly.

One of the programs included in the Mental Health Service HK is called Talk2Me (T2M). It focuses on the emotional well-being of young people. The program primarily targets students in Secondary Schools, between 14 and 18 years old.

Experts at KELY emphasize the importance of mental health support for the mentioned age groups. Considering the influence of social media on teenagers, this program also includes various aspects that teach students how to relieve social pressure, and resist bullying. Talk2Me develops significant skills and knowledge in managing stress and the impact of social media; it helps participants build confidence, be positive, treat people respectfully and not allow disrespectful behavior towards them.

KELY invites educators to join the movement and contribute to the positive future of young people through an effective Mental Health Service HK!