Mental Health Council Educates Young People on Alcohol and Drug Abuse

The impact of the Mental Health Council HK on students in primary and secondary schools can be enormous. Teaching young people how to handle stress, understand emotions, and help themselves and their peers is extremely important. The necessity for mental health programs has been increased even more since the expansion of social media. The effect of online exposure can be exceedingly negative and not many young people know how to cope with it.

KELY Support Group (KELY) is a nonprofit organization based in Hong Kong. This team of experts formed a Mental Health Council HK that assists people in preventing and overcoming struggles. The group has numerous programs, such as the Alcohol Abuse Awareness HK that was created by professionals to make the topic engaging and empowering to young people.

The Mental Health Council HK focuses on people between the ages of 14 and 24. KELY collaborates with schools and other partners that are interested in educating members through the Alcohol Abuse Awareness HK, Positive Youth Development, and Mental Health & Wellbeing programs. This organization developed powerful, effective workshops that consistently show great results.

The Alcohol Abuse Awareness HK consists of Bespoke Workshops, Drama Programme, ExCEL, Prevention Starts with You, and SOSKELY programs. A team of experts educates students on drug and alcohol abuse, teaches them how to avoid the influence of their peers, shows them the negative effects of substance misuse, and helps with the general management of emotions, stress, and pressure. After attending KELY’s workshops, young people are more knowledgeable and ready to avoid and cope with the potential dangers of alcohol and drugs in their surroundings.