ISEB Math Tutor Has a Way to Prepare Students for the Exam

The test provided by the Information Systems Examinations Board, also known as the ISEB exam, is one of the most common entrance examinations in the UK and other parts of the world. It is designed for students at the age of 11+ and 13+ and its level is considered notably more difficult than the level of other entrance exams. For that reason, to ensure students get a high grade and get accepted by the senior schools of their choice, parents are encouraged to hire an ISEB Math Tutor.

Vic Li is a versatile ISEB Math Tutor that works with clients of all age groups. He has extensive experience with the ISEB exam, which allows Vic to provide appropriate assistance to aspiring students. As a young teacher, Li has a great understanding of kids’ needs. He knows that mathematics can be difficult to catch up with if students skip only a few important lessons. For that reason, Vic’s teaching methodology includes knowledge testing. He tests his students at the beginning of the collaboration to get a better understanding of their math level. With the collected information, this innovative teacher learns the weak and strong points of each student.

To prepare for the ISEB exam, Vic first works on filling the math gaps that students have. As an ISEB Math Tutor, Vic Li then prepares clients for the exam by teaching simple and complex mathematics. By going step by step through all the relevant lessons, Vic helps students find math challenging again. With the change of attitude towards the subject, kids obtain exceptionally good results, and their interest in mathematics increases, which is not only important to pass the exam but also affects future studies positively.