Why Facebook marketing is important to website SEO?

The ultimate goal of SEO is to increase website ranking in search engines, which in turn increases website traffic, conversion and sales. The logic of SEO is to use some techniques to help search engines understand website content and increase content relevance of specific keywords. In this way, Facebook marketing seems unable to make a contribution to SEO. Actually it can, but indirectly. Some Facebook profiles will often show up in search results which induce people to click to their website with a link in Facebook platform. Thus, website traffic increases which is a factor considering website ranking in SEO. Search engines will think that people are willing to visit and hence increase SEO score and website ranking. Another contribution is after increasing brand awareness with Facebook, your potential customers will search your brand name in search engines and enter your website if they have further interest. Increase website traffic at the same time. 

Now you know the relationship between SEO and Facebook marketing. The next question is whether to cooperate with a SEO company in Hong Kong or a Facebook marketing agency for your SEO project. They both have their own advantages. A SEO company Hong Kong assists you with comprehensive SEO work from defining target keywords, website content enhancement to building backlinks. What you need to do is to state clearly your requirement. A Facebook marketing agency however is more familiar with Facebook marketing rather than SEO. Thus, if your first focus is SEO, choosing a SEO company in Hong Kong is a better option than a Facebook marketing agency