Webinar Platform Makes Online Meetings Easy and Effective

Webinar Portal UC. Now gained recognition in Hong Kong as an all-inclusive solution for online business communication. The Employee Training Management Platform HK helped recruitment companies operate even at the peak of social distancing due to COVID-19. On UC. Now, virtual meetings, training, and interviews are simple and easy. One of the main obstacles to efficacious online training was that popular platforms before could not offer users all the features in one place. Thus, members needed to use several programs to ensure the meeting is successful; UC. Now that has changed that. There is no need to use any other Webinar Portal apart from UC. Now because this software contains all the important options that users may need.

Job seekers can use the Employee Training Management Platform HK to find job vacancies and apply online. They don’t have to send CVs and other documents via other programs; they can upload the files to the Webinar Portal.

The employers, on the other hand, can also easily go through the applications, check them all out, and shortlist the most suitable candidates. The Job Centre on the Employee Training Management Platform HK features automated scheduling of virtual interviews. Therefore, the employer can use up to three slots to schedule meetings. The user must choose the job candidates, set up the time of the meetings and the system will automatically send notifications to the selected candidates.

When the job seeker and the employer join the meeting, the virtual space will give them all the tools to use for an effective interview. Thus, the participants can share files, use the video calling option, and other functions that significantly facilitate the recruitment process.