Interaction is the key to make any virtual solution stands out

A good virtual info day solution is the savior of universities across the world in times of pandemic. The way a virtual info day solution works is that it offers an immersive virtual experience, allowing universities to hold tours and webinars effectively and in an interactive manner. So, what makes a virtual info day solution stands out from the rest? Well, the more visually compelling and interactive the booths are, the more the solution stands out. Picture stunning 3D designs, immersive lecture halls, beautifully animated avatars, etc., if a solution gives you all that, your virtual info day is definitely off to a great start.

It does not take a genius to see that ‘interaction’ is again the key to make a webinar platform stands out. Offering live Q&A sessions, polls, quizzes, whiteboards, chatrooms, etc. are the common ways platforms adopt to achieve that. Some even enable great integrations like Kahoot.

By conducting an interactive webinar on a good platform, you reap many benefits for your company or organization. Therefore, it is important to start looking for one today. To be considered a good webinar platform, it has to offer various presentation modes like the live, semi-live, and pre-recorded options as well as realistic 3D designs.