How Can a Consulting Company Help with the LPF Setup?

CityLinkers, a registered consulting company in Hong Kong is offering assistance with the Limited Partnership Funds Setup (LPF Setup) under highly beneficial terms. LPF is a program introduced in Hong Kong in August 2020. This private fund management enables investors to register private funds as limited partnerships. It features a fixed application fee, which saves the establishment cost of LPF in other, foreign regions.

To access LPF Setup, investors need to apply to the Registrar of Companies. Following, they need to fill the form specific to the program that a consulting company will obtain. Lastly, the applicant must submit the form through a registered law firm or a law solicitor in Hong Kong. To fulfill all the requirements, investors need professional assistance. CityLinkers provides end-to-end LPF Setup. They lead clients through the entire procedure; making sure every step is completed precisely.

CityLinkers also assists clients in BVI Offshore Company Registration. It is not a secret that offshore companies are more profitable than onshore outsourcing. The main reason is tax flexibility. Namely, company owners legally save money on taxes if they register companies outside their country.

The British Virgin Islands is a popular destination for investors. It occupies second place in the world on the list of offshore jurisdictions for hedge funds. CityLinkers encourages investors from Hong Kong to order the BVI Offshore Company Registration. This professional team guides clients through the program and also helps them get the maximum out of their business idea.

By hiring CityLinkers for the BVI Offshore Company Registration, clients will have a team of professionals working toward the success of their offshore companies. After the registration, this team of experts will be in charge of the administration and directorship; they will assist in the BVI offshore company liquation, monitor and manage every aspect of the company, as requested by the client.